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Singer-songwriter / producer Carter Vail possesses a knack for spinning stories in chill seductive ways. On the track Melatonin he waxes poetic about Jane, "Now Jane standing over in a night gown, she's got the phone chord twisted round her finger... she's a sight to see" and later, "Now Jane she's a lover like a pipe bomb.... she's got the pink sunglasses..... high heals gonna walk you out." Around the evocative lyrics the musical vibe is as cool as a coastal breeze muting your beads of sweat on a hot summer night. Vail sings with an accompanying high falsetto that enhances the tropical post punk vibe all filtered through an indie pop sheen. Vail is currently hubbed out of Miami and will be shooting a music video for Melatonin and I am already wondering what Jane will look like.
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Rolling on the high of being in that convertible. We were so happy then. You and I held hands and frolicked in the vision of that summer enclave. Sunshine and sun-kisses on that sandy of beaches. Your freckles keeping me in love with you, from first look to current. The beach locked hair strands over your dainty nose and hazel green beauties. We were puppies in that milkshake sweetness. [...]



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[...]When Carter Vail’s vocals kick in, you can tell this is going to be a completely different, more inspired, beast entirely. Carter Vail says, “Melatonin is an unusual blend of laid back guitar music and Americana banjos. Lyrically focused, the song brings to mind a west coast nostalgia, with images of pink sunglasses, wired telephones and Cadillacs,” and he could not be more on point. It reminds me of the best sleep I’ve ever had. [...]

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Carter Vail’s “Melatonin” is a gorgeous track whose twinkling hook reminds of being hit by warm sunlight on a wintry day. Suave, subdued verses lead into this blissful chorus, with the escalating bridge at 01:52 excelling at captivating the listener and seamlessly shining a light on Vail’s vocals. Vail, born in a suburb of New York in 1997, grew up with diverse musical influences. His South African mother and Tennessean father introduced him to a wide array of music styles, which is paying off today in the form of melodic, creative takes on rock with a pop-minded knack for hooks.


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‘Melatonin’ by Carter Vail is on of those songs that brings lazy summer days to mind. Musically it has very laid back guitars and gentle drums adding up to a dreamy tune. Carter has a wide range of musical influences in life, born in New York to a South African Month and his father from Tennessee. ‘Melatonin’ has a simple melody and relatable lyrics which is why I liked this song. Fits my personality for sure. Check it out here. 


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