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Songwriter and producer Carter Vail is an artist who's music is both deeply intriguing and down to earth, focused on the unusual characters and relationships he's developed, wrapped in his simple but enticing melodies and production. Carter Vail was born in a suburb of New York on January 15th, 1997 to a South African mother and Tennessean father, both of whom introduced Carter to vastly different musical influences which greatly impact his sound. 



Vail would go on to move to Miami, Florida, to study music engineering at the Frost School of Music, where he formed the band Ladytown and began cultivating a following among his fellow students for his quirky and lyrically focused folk music. 

In the summer of 2016, Carter began recording his debut EP, Bojangle, in his South Miami bedroom. Tracked using a single microphone, each instrument (except for female vocal harmonies done by the trio 'Foxlove' and trombone done by Eli Feingold) was performed by Carter. 

Carter supported the album with shows around Miami, including at the largest camping festival in Florida, the Okeechobee Music Festival. When not performing, Vail is hard at work on his next recording project, set to come out in late 2017.

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